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Club Background

Club Background
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History of Our Club
by Doc C.

October 2004, when I received an invitation to attend the Manila launch of the Sotheby’s watch auction scheduled Early December of that year.  In that launch, the organizers invited other watch enthusiasts to attend, and that was where I was able to meet other watch collectors who shared the same passion as me.  We somehow knew each other and we decided to continue our getting-to-know-you session in the coffee shop of a nearby hotel.  And so a watch club was born.

We decided to meet again after the second Sotheby session where I was invited to speak about the watches up for auction. More meetings followed, and we soon followed an agenda where a theme for the meeting is posted on email (say, big watches, new old stock, etc.), then everyone brings their watches that correspond to the theme to our meeting place (the Swiss Inn in Makati City) and puts these on top of the table.  Then, everybody else scrutinizes and comments on the watches.  Others bring along the latest watch magazines which we browse to oohh and aahh on the extremely hard to attainable new models.  Then we even had a Christmas party last month, where members brought watch related items (except watches) and drew numbers to exchange these gifts with the drawn person.


In one of our earlier meetings, we decided to call ourselves 24 because of the number’s connection with watches.  We also decided to limit our membership to only 24 persons, none of whom should be a watch dealer. Our meeting place was also chosen for its obvious reference to watches –the Swiss Inn – found the connection?  The conversation topics are wide and varied.  Of course talk is mostly about watches, but there have been meetings when the conversations drifted to food, places, fashion, movies, foreign countries visited, show biz, etc.  We never get tired of the talk, especially if there was at least one of us who are an expert or knowledgeable about the topic.



Our Members
by Doc C.

As for the members, I’ll mention their nicknames, and say something about them.  I’m in my early 60‘s, 40 years of which have been spent working for a living. I also teach part-time. My present passion is Omega sports watches.  The webmaster of this website is Keith.  He manages his family enterprise and is the Seiko addict among us, next to Jaime whose treasure trove of new old stock Seiko watches is the envy of all.   Jaime manages one of those NGO organizations whose mission it is to improve the world we live in.


Billy teaches in a school that aims to improve the personality of its students through such topics as good grooming and, if we might add, teaching which watch goes best with what attire.  I’ve known Billy since his college days as I usually found him in antique stores trying to buy the watches I’ve set my sight on.


Jojo is the most serious collector.  During the time I’ve known him which is almost ten years now; some of the most coveted collectible watch pieces have passed through his hands.  His bonus from managing his own company is one Rolex Daytona per year.


Jay is the certified Paneriste in our group.  Each time Panerai comes out with a new model, he has to have it.  Kim is our well-known member, being a TV show host.  I look forward to seeing him on TV wearing his Omega Ploprof, 125, or Flightmaster, because I have the same models in my collection.  Kim is also a Paneriste like Jay and Jeff.  Jeff manages a shop and he tells us stories about his trying to convince watch owners to sell to him the watch on their wrist.  Sometimes he succeeds, other times no.


Karl is German bachelor and he loves Manila (and also Bangkok) because these are where he can buy less expensive Rolex watches.  Winston is from Hong Kong married to a Filipina, and does a lot of business traveling.  His other passion is wines


Then there’s Ina, a nursery school teacher.  She loves old (1950’s and earlier) watches and shows us their family watch heirlooms.  She’s the secretary of the club and keeps track of members’ attendance to determine if it has reached 24.  Another lady in the group is Felicia, a top-notch lawyer and brainy Harvard graduate, and she can talk about any topic under the sun.


There are still others in the group who have not joined enough meetings to show their desire to become full fledged members.  But they are welcome anytime they do attend the meetings.

may the lord give us more time for our family
and more watches for our time